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Nasser "The Goat"

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Fermin Perez Jr

“An Innate Quest For Originality”

Defines the essence of Fermin Perez Premium Cigars. The journey commences in Little Havana, a vibrant hub uniting cigar enthusiasts worldwide, where the fusion of dominos and Cuban Coffee sets the stage for something extraordinary.

Handcrafted in Esteli, Nicaragua, a region synonymous with the industry’s finest tobacco leaves and cigars, Fermin Perez premium cigars stand as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. Our blends, Bold, Classic, and Royal, epitomize uniqueness in every puff.

The Bold blend unfolds a maduro experience, revealing distinctive notes of dark cocoa, spices, and a symphony of woody, rich, and sweet flavors. Classic blends capture the timeless essence of Connecticut and Habano, weaving together creamy textures, leathery richness, and hints of pepper and spice. Meanwhile, the Royal blends exude opulence and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression with subtle coffee undertones and a peppery finale. Each blend, a masterpiece crafted for those seeking an original and unmatched smoking experience.